Video Installation, Print
LAMENT H.E.A.T, 2023
Single-channel video, (colour and sound), 14:15 min

H.E.A.T Data Report_1, 2023
H.E.A.T Data Report_2, 2023
Lenticular prints, 200mm x 300mm

LAMENT H.E.A.T explores the historical and socio-cultural narratives surrounding rubber plantations in Malaya, drawing connections to broader themes of resistance and memory. Integrating the concept of the 3rd_Space, it presents the rubber plantation as a complex, evolving site of economic production, social stratification, and cultural hybridity. Central to the installation is the adaptation of oppari, a Tamil lamentation practice performed by Dalits, reimagined through H.E.A.T (Hevea Errichal Automation Tech), a technological entity that performs oppari as an act of mourning and resistance. This integration serves as a critique of colonial exploitation and a speculative meditation on the potential for technology to empathise and memorialise non-human entities, serving as a medium for collective grief and remembrance.
SAM Contemporaries:
Residues & Remixes 2023

Singapore Art Museum