Priyageetha Dia ப்ரியகீதா டியா (Singapore, she/her) is a visual artist working at the intersections of moving image and installation. Her practice gestures visions of cultural memory and speculative narratives that interplay into the future past while navigating diasporic relations in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Her works have been showcased in group exhibitions including ‘Attention Seeker’ (2022) at La Trobe Art Institute, Australia; ‘An Exercise of Meaning in a Glitch Season’ (2020) at the National Gallery Singapore; ‘2219: Futures Imagined’ (2019) at Art Science Museum Singapore; S.E.A Focus (2019) at Gillman Barracks, Singapore.

ப்ரியகீதா currently lives and works in Singapore.


21 May - 26 Jun 2022
Forget me, Forget me not
Yeo Workshop, Singapore
Curated by Anca Rujoiu

4 Apr - 31 Aug 2022
Artist in Residence (9th Cycle)
NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore

29 Mar - 3 Jul 2022
Attention Seeker
La Trobe Art Institute, Australia
Curated by Amita Kirpalani



Single-channel video, 1920 x 1080, h.264, colour, stereo; 6 minutes 7 seconds

As part of bulanujung (Technologies and Rituals of the Gaze). Curated by Jeremy Sharma.

.TXT ︎︎︎

Currently, a work in progress, w(o)mbless (o)ptics looks into the nuances of the other in seeing, unseeing and being seen. 

Excerpt from Gaze Gradations - Afterthoughts

Part-Human, Part-Machine

Bodies and machines. The similarities between them exist not so far from the actual being, but births itself out of codes and ciphers. Something like an avatar, but “I” believe it exists as something else, something more than what we see. It encrypts your soul, your personality, your character and orchestrates behaviours moulded from you. But what does it mean for someone, a person of colour, gendered along their femme identity,to mediate the virtual site as a place of belonging? A place to seek liberation? Where do we find ourselves, to truly disrupt the methods that have shaped our thinking and being, that oppose western systems of knowledge that have been violently implanted in our current and past self(ves)?